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Effective strategies for small to mid-size nonprofits
Current Topics
Leading in Difficult Time
Engaging Your Donors
Creating Effective Plans
Importance of Donor Data
Time Management
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Current Topics

The Current Topics section contains information for nonprofit leaders and practitioners. 

Creating Effective Plans
Strategic plan, business plan, volunteer plan, marketing plan, development plan...
As in any business, non-profits need to plan for the future.  With so many things to think about, how can a small to mid-size nonprofit effectively address the future?  Why is it important to plan?  What will you do with the plans, once they are created?
These are all fair questions, especially when your days are filled with just trying to meet your mission and all of the stresses of raising money, preparing for board meetings and managing what's right in front of you. Read full article

Engaging Your Donors

Have you ever given something to someone, and not heard back from them?  Perhaps the thank you note for the wedding gift never came.  Maybe you’ve been asked for your advice by a friend and never found out if they were able to resolve their issue. Read full article


The Importance of Donor Data


"After people, data is your most important resource."

           John Kenyon, technology consultant to nonprofits


It’s been said that, next to the person who gives to your organization, information is the Development Officer’s most important friend.  This article explores why nonprofits should invest in tracking donor data, and how it can be effectively and ethically used to raise funds. Read full article


Time Management Strategies


Do you often feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done?  Managing our time to be as effective as possible not only makes us better at our work, but relieves us of the stress of feeling overwhelmed.  Following are strategies to help you get a handle on your work load.  These are proven, general strategies that you should use as guidelines.  Read full article